Tips for Submitting Outsourced Articles to Directories

17 April 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Article Marketing,General

Tips for Submitting Outsourced Articles to Directories

Are you a website owner who wants to use outsourced keyword articles to increase your website traffic? If so, you can and should rely on article directories. When properly used, they are a great way to increase your visitor count. This, in turn, increases your own sales or affiliate sales.

As previously stated, article directories are a great tool to use, but only if you use them properly. If you are using outsourced articles, that you did not write yourself, you must check for uniqueness first. In fact, this should be done regardless of what you use them for. Most writers will submit unique articles, which they wrote from scratch, but there are no guarantees. Reputable article directories will not allow you to post plagiarized content online, even if you were originally unaware of its copied status.

It is also important to know what article directories expect and require. Despite the possibility of a variance, most only allow you to include a website link at the bottom of your article. They tend to avoid articles that are straight up advertisements. If you know ahead of time that your outsourced articles will be distributed to directories online, talk to your writer. Make sure they know your articles cannot be too salesy.

In keeping with knowing what to expect, some article directories have specific word counts. For example, most require that articles be no less than 300 words each. On that some note, don?t post long articles. Your link will appear at the bottom of the page. This means the reader needs to make it through your article to see your link. A 500-word article is more appropriate than a 1,000-word article.

It is also important to know that unique content is best. There are a lot of article directories for you to submit your articles to. They can be found with a standard internet search. The more directories you submit your outsourced articles to, the more your links will be seen and clicked on. Some, however, do not allow duplicate content even if you own it. This means that you must rewrite each article to make it unique.

Speaking of rewriting, do not write a new article from scratch for each article directory. Instead, just make a few adjustments. You can change a couple of words in each sentence or change the context of a few sentences. You can also add sentences to make the article longer or eliminate some to reduce its length. There are so many ways for you to create a ?new,? article out of just one.

If you like the idea of spinning or rewriting an existing article to make it ?unique,? but don?t want to do the work yourself, you don?t have to. Outsource the work. Do not hire the same writer. Instead, look for someone who specializes in rewriting articles. Have them rewrite the originally outsourced article 2 or more times. Rewriters tend to charge lower fees than those who refer to themselves as writers.

Finally, know what article directories are worth the time and money. Not all article directories are created equally. Some perform better than others do. At the very least, look for directories that distribute your articles. This increase the exposure your articles receive, but only if your links remain attached. Otherwise, you are simply just allowing others to capitalize on your article without receiving anything in return.


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