Article Marketing Is Important

In Website Monitoring and Reporting, We normally monitor two basic things Website security Website traffics Website securities which is monitored are a)      Website uptime (server that fails always affect search engine ranking because when a bot come to index the pages, the pages will be offline or unavailable. The allowed failure standard is 0.01% and this are mainly for server upgrade or restoration from backups after attack or hacking is done b)      Website is not hacked c)       Website is not attacked d)      Website is not phished Website traffics which are monitored are: a)      Online users b)      Online registered users c)       New user registered d)      New visits e)      Referrals f)       Search terms g)      Page views h)      Bounce rates i)        Duration used online by visitors j)        Daily, weekly, monthly and even annual trends for website traffics etc

Create a special website where people benefit from online networking marketing resource plus commission by referring to other new members

If you can write a quality, valuable article and syndicate them to popular article directories and start best marketing that will driving crazy visitors to your website where you can sell other non free products. Like in video clip and image above, let the article not look like an ad otherwise people can abandon it or give bad comments or reviews. Crate a free yet valuable article and just put your contacts in their appropriate page like in other commercial article so as to attract the attention of reader and hence more will find you for other related services mentioned in the article You can also outsources the service from online or offline article writing experts. Please see this website for professional article writing at cheap prices You only submit a keyword and experts will write a professional article for you. You must be a member to start buy articles The article syndication sites are

Picasa and are the best for all you need for photo marketing and sharing photos online for free. This can give room to offer free potentially quality photos for the sake of spreading your brand to others, just like in youtube video. You can watermark your logo, text, email, phone number or website to the photos and when downloaded other will get the marketing message. Like in video clip, let the image look like an ad otherwise people can abandon it or give bad comments or reviews The best image sharing sites are with 70 million users with  50 million users  with 32 million users with 26 million users with 20 million users  with 15 million users

Video marketing emerged in 2005 when was established to give people space to upload and share their favorite’s videos online with friends etc. After Google acquisition in 2006, YouTube has become the world standard for video sharing and marketing. Like other social network, in youtube you can create an account and use it to upload video clips that you can use to Create brand awareness Advertise products Provide video support to your customers Provide free training Entertainment trough music’s, drama, etc Note: in all cases let the video clip that you want to upload to youtube be no commercial in nature. If you put ads, let it be difficult to realize otherwise people can abandon your clip or put bad comments which will drive away others.  There are experts who can edit your video to make people like instead of hating it