e-marketing-workshop-photos6We will be holding short duration e marketing workshops in various cities of Tanzania to enable busy people to attend and grasp what needed for the businesses healthy and survival. Marketing activities is the only activity that make businesses survive and prosper.

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The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness of participants in e-marketing tools and usage


You will

  1. Learn how to start emarketing on your own
  2. Learn what and where to get the tools for emarketing
  3. Learn how to prepare an emarketing plan
  4. Learn how to audit, improve and manage your website for best availability and leads generations
  5. Learn how to secure your website from attacks
  6. Gain National and global recognition
  7. Increase your leads and customers
  8. Increase your sales volume sustainably
  9. Start saving money and time for other strategic business inputs and usages
  10. Keep and be in touch with your customers for ever
  11. More sources of income
  12. Much more benefits unmentioned

Target Group

The following participants are suitable for this workshop

  1. Business owners, executives, managers
  2. NGO/CBOs executives, managers and fundraisers or representatives
  3. Internet Business Freelancers
  4. Journalists
  5. Consultants (Fundraising),
  6. Consultants (Marketing),
  7. Departmental Leader/Manager,
  8. Digital Media Specialists,
  9. IT specialists/managers,
  10. Marketing Lecturers,
  11. Marketing Teachers/Instructors/trainers,
  12. Marketing/Sales Department,
  13. News reporters,
  14. News Editors,
  15. Webmasters and webdesigners/developers
  16. Any individual/ business/or NGO/CBO doing intensively business by depending on international, local foreigners customers, all those who are sure that their customers can be found in the internet.

Our workshop contents will focus on but not limited to: 1. Electronic Marketing Concepts 2. Electronic Marketing Technologies and their pro and cons 3. Electronic Marketing Tools and their usage 4. Electronic Marketing Plan[/learn_more]