Website Monitoring and Reporting

In Website Monitoring and Reporting, We normally monitor two basic things

  1. Website security
  2. Website traffics

Website securities which is monitored are

a)      Website uptime (server that fails always affect search engine ranking because when a bot come to index the pages, the pages will be offline or unavailable. The allowed failure standard is 0.01% and this are mainly for server upgrade or restoration from backups after attack or hacking is done

b)      Website is not hacked

c)       Website is not attacked

d)      Website is not phished

Website traffics which are monitored are:

a)      Online users

b)      Online registered users

c)       New user registered

d)      New visits

e)      Referrals

f)       Search terms

g)      Page views

h)      Bounce rates

i)        Duration used online by visitors

j)        Daily, weekly, monthly and even annual trends for website traffics etc