E Marketing Services Rates for 2011

InfoCom Center is giving away E Marketing Quality Services at cheap and affordable Rates in 2011 as follows:

  1. Keyword Research (US$30)
  2. Keyword rich domain search and registration (for those who starting from the scratch) (US$20)
  3. Website Audit and recommendations (US$50)
  4. Webpage Optimization (US$150 for 10 keywords) additional keywords will cost US$20
  5. Links Marketing (US$100 for 250 links submission covering 50 links per keywords) additional link submission US$ 2
  6. Social Network Marketing (US$100 for 6 social networks covering 5 keywords each) additional social network will cots US$20
  7. Directory Listing Marketing (US$100 for 6 directories covering 5 keywords each) additional directory listing will cots US$20
  8. Video Marketing (a customer will provide a professionally produced video for marketing) US$100 for 5 submission (per video of 1 to 3 Mins))
  9. Images marketing (US$ 20 per 50 images)
  10. Article Syndication Marketing (US$ 100 for 5 submission-(a customer will provide a professionally written article for marketing))
  11. Website Monitoring and Reporting (US$100 for developing web security monitoring, Google map, Google analytics, webmaster tools and onsite monitoring for wordpress site only)

You can get the whole service above for only US$650

Note: One free offer goes with one paid service

If you pay all, you get all free bonuses for 6 months none stop